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when your down on her eatin her box and you notice that she missed mowing a few ahole hairs that are kinda long, bite down on those angry mafuckers and yank em out like a dentist pullin a tooth. When she screams or makes any sound in protest, you punch her in the neck and tell her to have a lil pride and keep her starfish and box smooth and hairless or else.
I was lickin this bitch and stairing at her cheerio when low and behold I get jabbed in the eye by an angry butthair she missed, so I did the right thing and gave her an angry butt barber, bit down on those stragglers and yanked em out. When she had the audacity to let out a whimper I punched her in the neck and told her to keep it manicured with some pride
by motoboat August 24, 2010
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