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angro is officially the rebellion against emo. for all of the people out there who are sick of seeing grown men cry while taking sad pictures in the mirror, this subculture is for you. angro is a combination of emo and anger. but to unmistakably be an angro, you must:

1.) have extreme rage... rage enough that you would bite the head off of a small helpless animal.

2.) only listen to metal

3.) cry everytime you hear panic at the disco

4.) only speak at night time

5.) consider taking shots of everclear a religious experience and deem it holy

6.) self-induce vomit outside of a church every 3rd sunday of each month

7.) snort precisly 4 table spoons of chili pepper, then have the balls to ask for more

whoa dude... did you see wisman? he's looking fiercly angro today with his motley crue haircut and his death-metal sunglasses.
by Vicki R January 16, 2007
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Angro: n, adj;// a new breed of emo, always angry and punches things until their knuckles bleed, also enjoys the feeling of the blood running down thier fists
Why is she such an angro, punching the wall until her fists bleed?
by KittyKatattacks January 30, 2008
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