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Noun. A derivative of Anglo-Saxon and an afro hairdo. Basically any Caucasian person with a fro; that being a hairstyle in which the hair is allowed to grow naturally and to acquire a bushy appearance (first popular circa the late 1960s). Also denotes unruly, unkempt hair that behaves wildly regardless of attempts to control it; usually a problem for someone of Irish/Celtic descent, especially in inclement weather.

First known usage is attributed to the Dublin area in 2006.
While hiking along the misty Cliffs of Mohr in County Clare, Audrey couldn't control her raging anglo fro, which ballooned above her like a dense, tawdry forest of red ringlets.
by littlegreyhound March 27, 2007
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A hairstyle preferred by older caucasian men, hippies, burnouts, and doofuses.

Example, see: Bob Ross, American painter (1942-1995)
Bob Ross has an enormous head of hair. You might even say he has an Anglofro.
by J__B January 23, 2006
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