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An extremley fucked up person in the Soviet Union who murdered children between the ages 9-17. He couldnt ejaculate due to his impodantness, and longtime mental abuse from fellow colleuges and a rough childhood through a plauge, he eventualy gained the abilaty to cum if he stabbed people. So... he found people he found sexualy attractive from train stations and such, took them out in the forest, and stabbed the shit out of them, had his cum, and left. Most of his victims were still alive as he mutilated them, all the more for sexual pleasure, he also enjoyed biting off their nipples and such. He was eventualy caught after slaying about 53-54 people when he fucked up by walking out in public covered in bloooood, so the coppers took him in and negotiated him for about a week untill he finaly confessed. He was also kept in a cage during his trail leading up to his execution in Feburary, 1994
Johnny, stop bleeding all over your clothes and dating younger people, you look like Andrei Chikatilo
by StuffedMannequin August 10, 2006
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