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Anderlich is a last name that is not very common and if it is looked it up it has no definition. However, it should, like everything.

A person who is an anderlich is likely to be weird. They have a weird last name so they are likely to act different or even be self conscious at times...... especially when people mispronouce it (and-er-lich NOT and-er-lick). This person will probably try to thrive in society. However, not always. Some Anderlich's slack and some people dont. It really just depends on the person. Plus, first names also play a role in it.
Anderlich's are mainly just people who are different. They will probably be the only Anderlich that you ever meet. Good Luck finding another person like them ;)
Oh, your last name is Anderlich? That explains it!

And another one for Anderlich!

My name is _____ Anderlich
by Serina Clark ;) February 12, 2017
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