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(pronounced:" an-bree")
It is unfortunate that it has become necessary to inform the general public of this definition, but needs to be done due to the newly discovered contagious levels associated with this impairment. Be warned.

This word should never be used without just cause. It is a complete and utter insult to a person's level on intelligence, maturity, and sexual interests. That is, to be anbri, or to act anbri, is to act with a level of maturity that a child exceeds when throwing a major tantrum. Or to act with the level of intelligence exceeded by lemmings.

Historically, most have avoided people with anbri personalities, due to their lack of acceptable social capabilities. These people have a minor mental impairment in their ability to function cognitively, emotionally, and physically. This is reflected in their self-centered, immoral, socially unacceptable, arrogant, conceited, and repulsive behavior.

This word can be used as an adjective to associate the above definition with a noun, describing the levels of anbri which that noun has reached.

In addition, this word may also correctly be used as a verb, which is to indicate that the effects of such an action would cause a level of impairment that matches that of an anbrious person (that is, showing signs of anbri).

anbrious, anbries, anti-anbri, non-anbri
Don't be so anbrious
That car is anbri.
I'm going to anbri something here soon if I keep dying in my game.
by EyeSea May 12, 2010
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