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1. Someone who enjoys farting on a lighter and burning things doing that.
2. Someone who rams there ass into a bon fire, catches their ass on fire then burns down the yard.
3. Someone who thinks he is going to fart on a fire but then he accidently diarreahs all over it causing a huge methane chemical explosion and burning their asshole.
1. Guy 1: "Dude watch this!"
Guy 2:"ok"
*Guy 1 puts lighter by his ass and farts.*
Guy 2:"holy shit! You lit the gas can on fire! You're such an anal pyro!"

2. The anal pyro rammed his ass against the fire. But then his ass caught on fire! He ran in circles but then his corpse fell and lit the yard on fire.

3. Guy 1: "hey im gonna fart on this fire!"
Guy 2: "go ahead."
*Guy 1 pulls down his pants*

First nothing happened but then a gurgling sound was made.

Guy 1: " uh-oh!"
He tried to pull up his pants but then a brown liquid flew all over the fire and farting sounds filled the ear drums of guy 2!
The fire suddenly made a mushroom cloud and guy 1 was incenerated!
Guy 2: you are a stupid anal pyro!
by pspmiles June 29, 2014
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