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It may refer to two things:

1. The anus itself, because of its round shape, pinkish color (or other shades, different from the skin around) and the tiny folds in the skin resembling the petals of a flower.

2. Anal virginity. As in "I gave him my flower". Traditionally girls used to give their cunt flower to the first guy they had sex with, and their ass flower to the first guy in their lives who was 'special enough' do deserve it. Lately the order tends to change because anal sex is not so much of a taboo anymore, because new douching techniques are easier and more efficient - and most important - because anal sex turned out to be the most efficient and cost effective contraceptive (no risk of breaking the condom, no unwanted hormones from the pill, no need to pay for any of them).
1. I always love to go down on her and suck the juices of her peach. And when I have enough of that, I lift her legs up and go for my favorite, her sweet anal flower, which I could lick for hours, if my dick wouldn't ask for his share of it. ;)

2. - How serious are you with this guy? You've been dating for quite some time now.
- Oh girl, he's like the man of my dreams. I'm thinking about giving him my anal flower.
- That serious? Well then, I'm very happy for you. You guys make indeed a great couple. :)
by Dhadik March 08, 2008
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