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This is an extremely rare form of sexual favors. It involves the usage of a small plastic syringe filled with semen. There is about 400 CCs of fluid. A long but semi-rigid tube is then pushed past the rectum and into the small intestine. There the semen is deployed. The man or woman now holding this "package must wait 8 hours to release it. He/she then will hold themselves upside down with legs spread. A recipient stands with open mouth at the anus. The mixture is then deployed with force into the mouth of the recipient. If a woman holds the package, the vagina sometimes will ooze this liquid when performed correctly when done vaginally. The recipient then holds as much of the mixture in his/her mouth and rubs the rest about his/her body. The fluid can then be poured into a woman vagina or another person's mouth. It all is decided upon by the participants!
Holy jesus, that was a good anal cum bomb, I still have the smell all over me!
by JB sti. July 23, 2004
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