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Amorianna is one of the most beautiful girls. She gets really pissed off at stupid things, but forgives easily. Amorianna can be trusted with most anything, and is usually athletic. Cheerleaders, dancers, swimmers etc..
Sometimes she's lazy, but never stands back to a fight. Amorianna is a great dirty dancer, and is slightly popular, but refuses to see/admit it.
she always tries to look her best and stand tall. she is short and funny.

She will be the best friend she can be, and always try to be of a help.

Amoriannas are usually fit and strong, with straight brown, or blonde hair.
Amorianna is partially Italian, for its beginning of Amori, meaning love.
Amanda- "aye Frankie, did you see Amorianna dancing Friday night?"
Frankie-"I did! She was amazing. Those boys were all over her"

Amanda-"Justin, isn't Amorianna just beautiful and so funny too?"
Justin-"yeah.. That girl has got something special"
by Cats though<3 October 21, 2013
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The prettiest girl you'll ever meet. She never shares secrets and will never talk behind your back period. She loyal ♡
"Amorianna is so pretty."- said by person to ever talk
by 10n February 13, 2018
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