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amn'•door•sia noun. a partial or total loss of memory specifically as to recalling the reason one has walked through a door and into the next room. 2. a loss of purpose after moving from one room to another, resulting in confusion. There are two possibilities after experiencing amndorsia: a. one suddenly remembers one's purpose and fulfills it immediately; b. one returns to the original location, and resumes the previous activity, but with an uneasy feeling.

Origin late 18 cent.: from Greek, meaning forgetfulness.
1 "Hmmm, why did I just come in here? I know I came in here for something. Ah jeez, I must have a classic case of amndorsia."

2 "Doctor, I think I might be a chronic amndorsiac. I'm always walking into the next room to do something but when I get there I don't have the slightest idea what to do next."
by Micheal Thomas January 28, 2007
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