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Fucking awesome as hell!! She's loyal asf, sensitive asf, goofy asf, she's a freak. Cries over nothing but will eat everything to feel better. I'd date her๐Ÿ˜‰
Damn b ammariah is poppin!
by Hbkriah August 13, 2017
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Ammariah is a beautiful fine ass female. She is fucking weird but I promise she will bring the most joy to your life. She likes to get freaky. She is goofy,adventurous,chill and sassy.Once she walk into the room all the boys be drooling over her. Ammariah can get any guys she wanna get it donโ€™t matter. She is the most truthful person you will ever meet she says wats on her mind PERIODTTTTTTTTT. She will fight for her family and had friends no matter what. Ammariah l has a resting bitch face. If you get on Ammariahโ€™s bad side you will regret it so stay on her good side.
Ammariah is so fucking hot๐Ÿฅต
by Baddiefreak June 11, 2019
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