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1. an unrestrained and overwhelming sensation of patriotism often resulting in a poorly crafted country music song.

2. the intense buildup and sudden release of physical and emotional redneck patriotism resulting in an ignorant mess not easily rinsed.

3. to have an americasm.
1. A crowd of 20,000 drunken fans watched in awe as Garth Brooks erupted in a powerful americasm that made his knees weak and his face flush with red -- red like the scarlet stripes gallantly waving behind him.
2. Two minutes into the Fox news special, Keith could no longer hold back his imminent americasm.
3. The overwhelming news of Anne Coulter's guest appearence on the Glenn Beck show caused Jessica to americasm for the first time since that barn dance in the 4th grade
by TK77 September 09, 2010
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