A school in England with a full on pop A vs pop B football league. Filled with um.. people (some orange some not)
Person 1: You following the st ambrose Barlow football league

Person 2: yeah up the pop B
by Moonbob January 18, 2020
This is what you say when ur talking to someone WITH A HUGE BLACK COCK,

its also the name of a very THICC sperm WHALE who wants to eat GARDOS ASS
omg that Ambrose Cruz Ramirez looks so THICC
by mmph April 15, 2020
Based on the unorthodox sexual practices enjoyed by Bill Pullman's character Detective Harry Ambrose on the show The Sinner, a Harry Ambrose is when you ejaculate on your partner's stomach, pull out a chunk of their pubic hair and in an Emeril Lagase style manner, throw the pubes onto said ejaculate. The act is only complete if after the pubes are placed that you step on your partner's fingernails until they turn black and/or purple.
by Patrickgotglazed June 14, 2021
A place for the homeless, dirty and frustrated ones and also it is another home for animals. NOTE: the other name for Ambrose Ali University is called REFUGEE CAMP
Son: mom I want to go to the university...

Mom: but we don't have money to pay for things you will need as a student...
Son: mom don't worry my friend told me of a university that accept the frustrated and homeless ones

Mom:what is the name of the university

Son: Ambrose Ali University
Mom: wow, get ready son .. we're going there next week
by Rough marlian April 22, 2020
He is an adorable Australian boy who is a member of the bands King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard and The Murlocs. He has an adorable smile and when he pulls out aviators every man no matter how straight be questioning their sexuality. He's known as Harmonica Boi by many for his sultry harmonica skills, but he's also a talented singer who could send a girl into labour without them being pregnant beforehand. He's also called Amby
dude 1: "damn, Ambrose Kenny-Smith is adorable"
dude 2: "Ikr! Ambrose with aviators in the Straws In The Wind music video really making me question my sexuality bruh"
by bullant_owu January 12, 2021
The act of luring a small boy into a closet and then tricking him into fondling your balls. Usually done around early ages.
by Syrinx Pichu January 11, 2010
The term is commonly used on the server Mineplex. It means lava'ing yourself to burn your stuff, or burning your stuff beforehand so the other shitter doesn't get the items you xrayed.
"Yeah, last game this shitter decides to pull an Ambrose, this kid's ign was xTyler or something."
by Snvg aka the fucking uhc god December 17, 2016