Unable to pinpoint one's racial background just by looking at them.

Being racially unidentifiable.
Because I am racially ambiguous most people don't know what language to use when speaking to me.
by NTXGville June 19, 2015
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Having a sexual orientation that is indeterminable by others.
Jan: Don't worry, bro. You'll find a girl some day.
John: Ok.
John: Dude, Jan thinks I'm totally straight.
Jack: Don't worry, you seem pretty gay to me with that coat on.
John: Ok.

John: I just don't understand. Why are people assuming I'm gay or straight based on my gender or my clothes?
God: Don't worry, son. It's ignorance and stereotypes. Everyone is sexually ambiguous until you check out their internet history, or unless you're me. Bi.
by killa wharl December 8, 2015
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A slang term for a person who is overly broad or vague in conversation.
A conversation with "Captain Ambiguous" might go something like this.

You "So what do you do for a living?"
Him "Business"
You "With who?"
Him "People"
You "Where do you work?"
Him "Places"
You "How much do you make?"
Him "Enough"
by Smurf May 4, 2007
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A euphemism for describing someone who lacks morals or changes their morals to suit their needs, typically a shady businessman, graft politician or one involved in illegal activities.
Tom: Doesn't Dick have a problem selling drugs to kids?
Harry: Nah, he's businessman... plus it helps that he's 'morally ambiguous.'
Tom: Oh, cool. Wanna burn one?
by Trae Hova November 1, 2007
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Difficulty defining one's romantic status.
This romantic ambiguity is often reflected in conversations with people who are single.

When asked to define their romantic status, they give answers like, "Well, it's sort of up in the air ..." and "It's really complicated!" and "How much time do you have?" and "I would define it as, hmm, dating? Ish? Dating-ish?"
by Aries Man April 18, 2014
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This term refers to the misinterpretations, misread emotions, inaccurate texter to textee translations, and overall miscommunications that result from the limitations of conversations via texting.
"I was telling her how much fun I had last night, but she thought I was being sarcastic. She totally misread what I was texting. Must have been the textual ambiguity."

Script Example:

Her- "like omg I had so much fun with u last night :) Did u like the play?"
Him - "yeh it was great"
Her - "are you sure? I know u wanted to go to the game with your friends..."
Him - "no its ok, I had fun with u"
Her - "It doesn't seem like u had fun."
Him - "why do u say that?"
Her - "You just don't sound like u had fun."
Him -"what? how? I literally said the play was great and that I had fun with you"
Her - "yeah but I can tell u didn't mean it"
Him - "yes I did, what are u talkin about?"
Her - "See and now ur annoyed."
Him - "NO I'M NOT!"
Her - "Don't yell at me! Next time u can go to the stupid game and I'll go to the play alone."
Him - .... (dafuq?)
by Jeff Strau March 28, 2015
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