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Amazing (above and beyond) + Okay (normal) = amazingkae

Pronounced "AHhhh-MAZE-ing K-AE", common to urban city or beach culture dialects, amazingkae is an inclusive term used to describe something positive *and* out of the ordinary: term of endearment used about person, place, or thing: action of becoming perfect and transcending the normal in
every day activity.

1. Beyond "okay", the term implies greatness to the extreme. (adj/adv)

2. A state of perfection that a unique individual attains. A person above and beyond the normal, common, or ordinary. (verb)

3. Okay to the point of being amazing. Beyond sensational. Superior in quality. (adj)

4. Amazingly good, awesome person, place, thing, or idea. (noun)

5. Delicious, as in the perfect taste. Typically described as Sweet, Heavenly, Divine. (adj)

6. Unpredictible beauty. "Drop Dead Gorgeous". "Dishy". Enticing and sexy. (adj/noun/adv/verb)

7. Unexpected triumph or victory brought on by a meaningful occurance or interaction that only affects things positively. (verb)

SYNONYM: Priceless

ANTONYM: banal
"She was simply beautiful, amazingkae all the way. She made my head turn so fast it almost gave me whiplash..."

"A-mazing-kae score! We never could have won the game without it..."

"Only something amazingkae can top that..."

"The rider caught the wave in this amazingkae way... I have never seen anybody surf like that!"

"Champagne and strawberries... is just something so... amazingkae."

"Okay... you are amazingkae." (term of affection)

"For everything else not amazingkae, there is Visa/Mastercard."
by Coastal Zombie May 27, 2006
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