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Amaarah is a girls name of Asian origin. It's a very unique name makes her a very aprovechable person. She is fisty and courageous. She loved and probably has a huge crush on Tom Holland and one day might date him. Her fav video game is Encharted. She loves food sport challenges and having a laugh. You would want to be her friend for sure.
You would want to be amaarah's friend.. xx
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by Urban dictionary org.. August 21, 2017
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Amaarah is a name of Arabic origin which is said to mean "eternal". Amaarah is a ray of sunshine which gorgeous expressive brown eyes that hints at mischief. She is wild and witty and fiercely protective of her loved ones. Amaarah is a unicorn human, full of contradictions. A feisty spitfire yet goofy clown; alluring but terrifying; perfectly flawed.
"Who's the spitfire?"
"That's Amaarah. Feisty ain't she?"
by LucyAzriel May 25, 2019
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