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A tankless toilet (usually made from stainless steel but not always) that has an exceptionally powerful flush; such toilets are known to devour things like paper towels, socks, full rolls of rollios -- items which would clog up an ordinary shitbowl.

Suicide-resistant prison combys (they are made of metal and have a lavatory on top & a seatless toilet below; almost exclusively found in jail & prison cells) are thought to have been the originator for the phrase, "aluminum thunderflush".
Hey John!
Want to see something kewl?
Come over here and look at this...{places the end of a roll of bungwipe into the toilet water, flushes}. Check out how fast this aluminum thunderflush devours a whole roll of TP!!! See, it ate the whole roll with just two flushes!!!
by Telephony September 07, 2013
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