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Alterception is where we unconsciously perceive things and like/dislike them because of what they stand for and in turn affects our perception of things in many different ways.
For example, let’s say Mai liked Britney Spears. And Britney released a new song, in Mai’s eyes the song is perceived to be ‘awesome’ merely based on the fact that it’s sung by Britney Spears. Even if the song is actually quite terrible her Alterception would result in Mai liking the song regardless of its quality.
Another example of Alterception is the state of being in so called ‘love’. Michelle has a crush on Peter; in Michelle’s eyes Peter looks so cute in his uniform. Even though everyone in the same school as Peter wears the same uniform it appeals to Michelle more due to the fact that Peter is wearing it. Therefore supporting the claim of liking/disliking things based on its value (what it stands for) in Alterception. Michelle’s crush for Peter also results in her altered perception of his actions. Peter’s ‘quirks’ would become more evident to Michelle and her liking for them increases. “When Peter says goodnight it’s so sweet!’ unbeknownst to Michelle that Peter says goodnight the same way most people do.
Everyday examples can be seen such as advertisements. Companies tend to use well known models to advertise their products. These models are well perceived in people’s eyes and in turn draw a wider audience. Let’s say you see a Nike advertisement for a new pair of shoes which David Beckham is promoting. Because David Beckham is renowned for his skill, people would believe that wearing the same shoes as David Beckham would result in their skill actually improving.
by alterception November 08, 2008
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