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When someone agrees in a more cheerful tone or manner.
I am ready to go to the football game , alrightyroo!!!

Lets go to the store, alrightyroo.
by gotexans September 17, 2013
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Similar meaning as ok but more fun to say πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that rhymed.

Can be said in many ways such as:
Alrighty Roo
Allllllrighty Roo
Alrightyyyy Rooooo
Random Stranger: Hey you wanna see inside my van? There’s candy...

You: Alllllrighty Rooo *steps inside van*


β€œHey, pass the salt”.

β€œAlrighty Roo”.
by greenpoopyfrootloopy123 May 04, 2019
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