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To Alpharole is to basically show someone who's boss, but unlike the authority associated with an official job-title or rank, alpharole is the unofficial superiority witnessed more in places like prison or the military among inmates or grunts of seemingly the same rank. Whereas people might listen to a manager, guard or a lieutenant, they very well may make fun and mock them behind their back. An Alpharole is more of tribal type of assertion of power, when the authority is backed by fear or respect or both and not necessarily official.
The term may also apply to a lion and the tamer, or males of the same heard of animals.
You better start alpharolling your dog, lest he bites your ass one of those days.

I've spent two weeks in jail and the assholes there were constantly trying to alpharole me.

You see how Beth is always alpharolling her hubby. Kinda tells you who's got the balls in that marriage.
by CWO Tobie la Salle April 21, 2008
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