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An alphabet snap is the lesser known name for the snaps that occasionally fall at the end of an intense sentence. The commonly known "Z-snap" happens to be just one of 26 alphabet snaps.
Other favorites include the "V-snap" where the hand makes a "V" in the air while snapping once at the base and again at the tip of the "V." At this point, the snapper looks up in the direction of the snap as if the line continues into the sky. The longer they stare, the more intense the snap. This snap says "you don't even know what just happened." At this point, it is appropriate for the snapper to get up and walk away to revel in their glory. The snappee is left in a state of total mindfuck.
The "W-snap" includes two hands. The hands start in the middle and and at the same time snap at the bottom two points and then again at the tips. When the snapper finishes he gives the snappee a look of utter pwnage. This snap says "you wish you didn't know what just happened!"
Person 1: *Performs a V-snap alphabet snap and looks into the air for 7 seconds as if his V was continuing forever, looks at Person 2, then walks away*
Person 2: *Dies*
by FoxyFunsies July 29, 2011
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