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The cutest lesbian youtuber ever, she's very talented and everyone loves her so much! She has a adorable personality and is so loving towards everyone.
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by AllisonDimacxli January 17, 2017
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a musically talented lesbian youtuber who is well known for her bop called "COMING OUT - THE OFFICIAL SONG"
damn, ally hills is a goddess.
by Aven Shmurgleburg January 14, 2017
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The cutest youtuber ever. She deserves literally the whole world. She makes amazing music and her songs are always fire (stream 'Wrong" and "Space" lol). Ally is an amazing musicisn, youtuber and person.
She has a cat named Noodle and they are literally perfect for eachother.
Ally Hills is really the greatest and cutest youtuber alive
by Toni_HP July 22, 2019
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