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A very lovely, extremely caring, very smexy, extremely beautiful but she doesn't think she is, super funny, people pleaser that will go out of her way to make you or anyone she cares about, she can be very persuasive and can hold a grudge against you decades after you have already died.. If u meet an Allicyn in your life ever, don't let her slip away or you might majorly regret it...
Guy 1: hay, aren't you dating Allicyn?

Guy 2: yeah..

Guy 1: you know she's my ex, right?

Guy 2: yeah...

Guy 1: what ever happened to bros before hoes??

Guy 2:*holds guy 1 my the shirt collar and stares him down* she ain't no hoe bro.. She is wonderfully perfect, she cares about and for me, she makes me laugh, she makes me happy...

*Allicyn comes up to guy 1 and 2 and taps guy 2 on the shoulder*

Allicyn: let's go see a movie honey, no need to waist your time with that bimbo.

Guy 2: *looks back 2 Allicyn* sure, sounds good dear. *lets go of guy 1 and walks away with Allicyn laughing and smiling*

Guy 1: *watches them walk off* did i ever lose her?...
by The.heart.of.a.ghoul January 14, 2018
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