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a southern word used in the 1980's in the Mississippi Delta area used to define a ghetto person or low life.
Man, those alleybats across town always be starting trouble.
by DQ Simpson March 17, 2006
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a derogatory term used to characterize a small community of african americans who lived in poor, low income areas in Mississippi. Due to the way the houses were were situated made narrow pathways in between each row which people referred to as alleys. Because the houses (known as "shotgun" houses) were so close together tenants did not have a lawn so people hung out and socialized among other things in the areas between. Its origin can be traced backed to Cleveland, MS as far back as the 1960s. Although it is not used as much today, every person born or raised in the area can vouch for its meaning.
I heard that the alley bats across town are nothing nice.
by g.g. fonville-tayeh September 30, 2018
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