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Alkarim Jivani is the television editor for the London arts and entertainment magazine Time Out.

Born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and educated in Tanzania, Kenya, and the United Kingdom, he graduated from the University of Sussex with a degree in philosophy and literature.

In 1997, he published It's not unusual: A History of Lesbian and Gay Britain in the Twentieth Century which dealt with gay and lesbian fashion and slang.

He is an 'out' gay man and is regularly featured on BBC's Newsnight Review. His being comfortable with his own gayness helped a friend of mine come to terms with his own, so Alkarim will always be cool to him.
Who is that swarthy fella with the beads and the bangles? Why, it's none other than Alkarim Jivani. Do you think he would mind if I asked him who had cut his hair? No, not Alkarim, he's a smashing bloke. He won't mind at all.
by Jon October 09, 2004
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