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zero, a word used to describe the absence of value

Origin: Comes from the arabic tv network - al jazeera; originally used to define a hand with no hearts or the queen of spades in hearts - a hand that would give the holder a score of ''0"
Tim: How many points did you get on the test?
John: Alja.
Tim: What a dumbass.

Joe: How many times have you gotten your dick sucked Bob?
Bob: My dick has experienced alja sucks Joe.
Joe: Wow, that's a ridiculous lack of action for you.
by metabbjr April 21, 2009
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A smart and popular girl who doesn’t get on the right of many people but is loved by loads. She’s overly protected by family members due to her richness.

She always takes pride in how she looks. Alja’s love to make people laugh and everyone wants to be friends with her. You will be proud to say “she’s my bestfriend”
Person 1: who’s that girl? She’s so god damn pretty.
Person 2: that’s Alja! She’s MY bestfriend
by Names are February 03, 2018
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