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An Alizandra is one of the best people you will ever find. An Alizandra is a girl that has many features. She isn't the prettiest person you will meet but she does have a gorgeous personality. She is the rarest of the rare. It is very hard to find one of these. She won't disrespect you she will always be loyal. She doesn't like being rude she will say sorry a billion times if you say she's being rude. She is friends with almost everyone. A lot of people like her she is very likeable. If you are friends with her you are very lucky not a lot of guys would like to be her boyfriend but a lot of people would love to be her friend. She is crazy very sarcastic she's very delicate. If you leave her out of stuff she won't say anything if you and her are really great friends she would never betray you. If you know when Alizandra you are one of the luckiest people in the world they are one of a kind. A lot of people don't have an Alexander in their life because they are so rare. If you are lucky enough to have one you should be thankful and always love them as a friend. Your Alizandra is your Alizandra she is only yours and no one can steal her from you. She is a smart and intelligent girl that will always be by your side.
Person:"Do you think I could be you Alizandra?"
Me:"No never only Alizandra is my Alizandra and she always will be!"
Person:"Wow you are very lucky to know one."
Me:"I know she is mine and will be forever."
by Dancer/4/17/06 May 14, 2018
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