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A girl that has unusually large boobs. These girls have blondish hair, and play sports. They have so much boobage they bounce up and down like two watermelons on there chest which makes it hard for them to play sports, depending on the girl. In addition to that they usually attract men, the men they marry are named Sam. Alisonbigboobs always uses the word blasphemy, they also LOVE Chai Tea. Alisonbigboobs are notorious for their awesome partying. They should never be able to drive because theyre boobs get in the way of the steering wheel Its hard for them to give hugs because there boobs stick out to much. Alisonbigboobs are usually the nicest friends..sometimes. Theyre so COOL and they SMELL SO GOOD, and THEY LOVE people that names begin with T. They love to be old farts in plays, because their boobs produce tons of fart gas!......!
"Yo do you see that alisonbigboobs running on the field?"
"yes i do, woah!?
by tedoggydogdog November 18, 2010
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