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kids that sit there,and fucking bitch about how much they hate nirvana,and kurt cobain,and blatently point out how much better they think AIC is better than nirvana.and yet they don't have the decency to realise the fact that they are two totally different bands,cause they are blindsided by the term "grunge",which both bands really aren',hello? aic= 5 members,nirvana=3 members.that's not even a fair contest,so why in the fuck would you compare the two? alice in chains kids can frequently be seen on AIC vids on youtube,stating things like "well, i think alice in chains is better than nirvana because..."and we really give a fuck what they think..
you want an example of an alice in chains kid? go look at that dumb ass fuckin pussy twat's definition at the bottom of the AIC page on here.."fuck nirvana this,fuck kurt cobain that"...get a fucking life you whiner.and grow the fuck up.
by y2c April 14, 2009
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