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1) A crisp green sprout from the alfalfa seed. (Edible)

2) A term for pubes. Usually used by chefs to disguise the fact that they are "garnishing the dish". Waitress tend to be not too keen on delivering pubes to a customers table intentionally, thus the reason for the deception.

Chef 1: I’m all out of alfalfa sprouts for this fucktards meal, have you got any spare?

Chef 2: Why haven’t you got any?

Chef 1: I shaved ‘em off!

Chef 2: You’re a fag.

Chef 1: Fuck you! My lady said she’d deep throat me if I shaved ‘em all off… so I did!

Chef 2: Ok, but your still a fag! Here’s the alfalfa sprouts.
by tesfurdo November 20, 2006
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When a woman goes down on a unshaven man mane, comes up and kisses the repugnant Y Chromosome individual, and has pubes stuck in between her teeth
AB: "Hey Don, guess what happened to me last night?!"

DB: "What dude?"

AB: "This unruly chick went down on me for 25 minutes and then I realized I didn't trim my man bush until she came up with alfalfa sprouts in her floss...gross..."
by Katharsis September 12, 2009
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