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Usually a stubborn, get what i want type person. She is very beautiful and does not care what anybody has to say. She don't take any shit so people call her a bitch.
Did you see what Alexyia's wearing today? She looks so hot.
by Fastlife101 May 14, 2018
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She doesn’t care what people think about her she is outgoing. She is also a bit of an introvert at the same time she isn’t she loves to talk.When she gets an attitude she can be a bit of a bitch she likes her close group of friends and that’s enough for her.Her favorite activities or hobbies are volleyball and YouTube or just hanging out with her friends or her best friend. (Chelsie)
Did you hear about Alexyia throwning her bag at Michelle.

Alexyia was a bitch today.
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by OmG Yasss Hello Bitch August 29, 2018
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