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Aleedia-is one of a kind can't find nothing like her. If you ever meet a Aleedia make sure you don't come at her the wrong way if so you'll regret it. She is a hard worker and fights for what she wants never gives up. Aleedia is a shy but outgoing person she loves hard and it takes a while for her to let go, but once she let go its no coming back. You'll never want to lose a Aleedia that will be the worst mistake of your life. She doesn't like foolishness and dont play about her money. She is very intelligent. Never fake and don't like fake people also can't stand when people talks on her name and doesn't like people messing with her image. I can on and on about Aleedia but it still wouldn't be a clear definition of how amazing and irreplaceable she is. There is not a single word that can describe her true beauty talents.
Man wish I can find me a Aleedia.
by a._leediaaaax3 February 17, 2018
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