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An alchadult is someone in their early 20's or 30's who is often disguised as an adult with their life together. This adult is capable of holding a job, cleaning up after themselves, cooking, and occasionally hitting the gym, yet has failed to leave behind their partying shenanigans, poor life choices, and excessive drinking ways.

Despite being an "adult" they frequently find themselves hungover at work, incapable of concentrating in class, and considers instant noodles a "meal". Despite claiming they have no money for important life expenses they always manage to make an exception for alcohol and going out. If you are questioning if someone is an alchadult, peek under the sleeve of their fancy business outfit and scan for multiple unwashed leftover bar stamps from the weekend.
Look at your life, look at your choices, pull yourself together you're 30 years old, you alchadult.
by Shimraffy March 02, 2014
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