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Alcestis is a 25 year old CypriatGreek/Greek girl who is still in her adolescence. After dating her a few weeks you will find out that her real name is actually spelt Alkistis and she doesn't like that version of the name.

If you are familiar with the urban dictionary definitions of both these names then you will know that neither spellings of these names have a good reputation. In effect to hide her identity an Alkistis will ask you to call her Anya. In inverted commas; this is supposedly easier for us to pronounce. We all know that's not true; she just wants to market herself as Anya, who is known to be sweet and beautiful.
Again; dont be fooled by the mythological meaning of the name; to an inexperienced lover an Alkistis could feel like true love and that is how they get you. Alkistises are half cold, unfeeling beings with half equally cold and equally unfeeling again beings. (I dont dare call one an human.)
Alkistis: Hi, my name is Anya!! (she walks away)
Player 1: Damn, she has beautiful eyes. (Meaning bum and rack.)
Player 2: That is an Alkistis (alcestis) mate, really not worth the trouble, she wont even let you go bareback on her.
by Regina Phalange Tribute September 13, 2018
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Alcestis is a snobby ass hoe that only likes to talk trash about people and thinks she's better than anybody when she really isn't . she is a bum ass bitch that will be ugly in the future
She's such an alcestis (hoe)
by Mrs.officer360 July 09, 2015
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