From the 1910s to 1930s,a serial killer,child molester and cannibal.He has two confirmed dead victim and a boy he stabbed in a park in 1910.He murdered,molested and ate 10 year old Grace Budd and 4 year old Billy Gaffney.He is also known as the Gray Man,Werewolf of Wysteria,the Brooklyn Vampire and the Boogeyman. Werewolf of Wysteria comes from Grace Budd's murder where he killed and ate her at the old Wysteria house. The Brooklyn Vampire comes from Gaffney's murder when Fish drank his blood.He is the most deranged killer in history.Ed Gein's crimes are manslaughter compared to Fish's horrific acts.He also has 2 other victims from Hong Kong.

Another definition is a sick molesting killer fuck who likes children for sex and eating them.
Def 1: Albert Fish is the most disturbing recorded killer ever.

Def 2: Mark is a total Albert Fish
by YAJer December 22, 2009
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One of the most disturbing serial killers in history. This seemingly harmless, grandfatherly old man was a deranged child rapist and cannibal.
He was one of very few sadomasochistic serial killers and enjoyed receiving pain as much as inflicting it. He was also a religious zealot.

He attacked and raped numerous children and bragged that he'd "had children in every state". Most of his victims were handicapped or black children, easy targets.
He was convicted of torturing and murdering four-year-old Billy Gaffney and ten-year-old Grace Budd, both of whom he cannibalized. He was connected to three other murders and hundreds of rapes.
His downfall began when he sent a letter to Grace Budd's grieving parents, bragging about what he did to Gracie.
Albert Fish: noun, a psychopathic pervert who likes torturing, raping and murdering children and then eating their flesh. A flesh-and-blood embodiment of fairy tale monsters, a la "Hansel and Gretel"; a seemingly kind, benevolent elder who offers a child candy and turns out to be a cannibal.

In short, a legitimate reason for children not to talk to strangers.
by Lorelili March 30, 2010
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Albert Fish is a serial killer, child rapist, and a cannibal.
Albert Fish was a evil man!!!
by DOGMAN_5676 June 12, 2020
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