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Over dramatic (most of the time). Dosent care if she's not liked by most people.Confused about her life, and yet helps others with their own. AMAZING friend. Has a heart,very kind,very lovable and smiles even when she's breaking apart inside. Cheerful about things most people wouldn't be excited about. Alazae is 1 In a BILLION!!!
You'll never find a girl like Alazae.
I wish I had a Alazae.
If you have an Alazae never let her go,she's one of the good ones.
by Justapersondefiningmythoughts January 18, 2017
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Over dramatic, and is not liked by almost everyone. At sometimes she can be the most annoying thing ever. She is also a slut.
Look at what she's wearing, she must be an alazae
by Falconlover116 April 20, 2015
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