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Alayla a beautiful girl, and very smart. Growing up she will always put up the middle finger. On purpose and on accident. When you see her you will just fall in love with her. Alayla on of a kind!
That girl Alayla is beautiful and an amazing girl, I never wanna lose her in my life.
by Pandora Rose November 20, 2016
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Smart, pretty she likes to laugh alot very social everyone loves her, kinda shy but she has a freak in her no one knows about, can beat a bitch up at any time has anger issues and always lit , she's loyal and knows her boundaries and stays on top of her game and love her supporters and haters she don't care what u think about her and slays on everything
Group: that girl got everything she must be an Alayla.
by AM44 September 12, 2017
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The girl that will complete your life and make every problem instantly go away. this is the girl you know you wanna be with for your entire life , cute, funny, beautiful, smart , she is the one that stands out above all... Alayla is the one you want
Alayla: The girl you want wish you every second of your life and miss every second she isnt
by isaac whitley September 04, 2017
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