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A difficult and hard to maneuver sex move a man performs during doggystyle sex by thrusting balls-deep into the female and then punching her asscheeks until they're either red or she falls to the floor in pain, which is followed by the man cupping her breasts in both his hands and punching upwards towards her chin at the same time. The result is a woman who no longer wants to have sex and might be unconscious.
Dirty Dick: Yo my man! I gave the girlfriend the ALASKAN PUMMELKNUCKLE last night!

Agreeable Andy: Niiiiice duuude! What'd she do?
Dirty Dick: She fuckin' DIED bro!!!
Agreeable Andy: YEAAH!
Dirty Dick: I ain't jokin! Haha!
by FartFucker69 June 26, 2017
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