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Alaiha is a cute funny girl
She can be your best friend but also your worst enemy

She is a badass she sticks up for for her friends and what she thinks is right she also very random consider yourself lucky to know an Alaiha.
Who is that girl
Oh her that's Alaiah I would mess with her if I were you
by Ausuna May 16, 2017
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Alaiah is a cute pretty funny girl . She is always the one to know things. She sticks up for her friends and is a badass. She usually has always been single. Cares about her friends more than guys. She brings up the most random things. If you ask her out she will turn you down nicely since she is shy. Can also be very outgoing at times. If you loose her in a relationship it’s probably your bad. If you know or date an Alaiah it’s better to keep her.
Person: hey that girl is hot

You: Oh that’s Alaiah she’s really nice
Person: Imma go for her

You: She may turn you down
by Leizly February 03, 2018
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