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A masturbation technique when you're bored in the restroom or anywhere. The technique is done by taking a shit on a piece of toilet paper or paper towel and wrapping it around which ends up looking an egg roll then inserting your penis into the warm and smelly lubricating sensation and fucking the shit like a fleshlight. The origin of this technique derives its name from alabama hot pocket and the appearance resembling an egg roll.
Tom's girlfriend rejected his request to do an alabama hot pocket on her. Thus, he proceeded to the restroom and decided to make an alabama egg roll for himself.

Guy 1: Dude, I'm so horny and feel like taking a shit. I want to do an alabama hot pocket on my girlfriend, you think she'll let me?

Guy 2: Probably not. She'll dump you.

Guy 1: Isn't there anything similar I can do without grossing out my girl and keep our relationship going?

Guy 2: Hmm..try doing an alabama egg roll.

Guy 1: What's that?

Guy 2: It's like an alabama hot pocket, except you're doing it on yourself.

Guy 1: Thanks bro! Will do!
by Iluvpunsbudidunluvu March 04, 2011
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