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A girl who is REALLY funny.This person is always energetic and happy.Some people might think she is beautiful and some people might not.Akifa is smart,fashionable,and not shy.But if you try her,she’ll kill you.
Hey,is that Akifa?”
by Ilovevarisha27 May 19, 2018
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A name for a smart human being.She CAN be ugly,but her she is a nice person in the inside.She will be married at a very young age,and yeah.
“Akifa is awesome!”
by Aquafina_via May 07, 2018
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Akifa is an intelligent girl who can sometimes not portray her intelligence. She is an outspoken girl with her friends but in front a large group of people she is a timid girl who hardly speaks. Other than that she is a complete devil who eats too much food and most definitely needs to lose weight in French akifas eat too much. She is also very pretty and will one day steal all your mans.
Akifas are a delight to be around.
by Coolmastermind April 10, 2018
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