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ajjcj is the shortened name for the AJJCJ-Empire that existed from November 30th 2008 to November 15th 2010 and is well known as being one of the most notorious and greatest YouTube-Empires of all time as well as for defeating Calvaism, the ideology and practise of Calv the German-YouTubers of evil, a minority of evil left in Germany.
Ever heard of ajjcj? Of course, it's a legend on youtube.
by 1pseudonym1 February 17, 2011
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An ajjcj is a very nasty and unpopular internet parasite whose virtual existence brings everyone who ever crosses his ways a great deal of annoyance.

An ajjcj is twisted, mean and disturbing. He only exists on the www, especially among video sharing communities, and takes pride in being a useless little troll and troublemaker.

An ajjcj would do anything to protect his trolling empire, even at the expense of making a total tit of himself.

Never trust an ajjcj - those trolls are mean little bugs!
"Oh no, ajjcj cloned my account again! It must have been the 100th time! He definitely has no life."

ajjcj youtube empire youtube troll unpopular reject chav english england loser weirdo get a life
by Jacob Turd June 16, 2011
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