"ajder" is a word used to describe someone with really bad taste in music and some games. However, it can also be used to describe someone as a ripped bear or a brick wall. There are many other definitions of the word as well, such as the method of repelling a bear, by punching it in the nose instead of running away, because "the bear will catch you in like 3 seconds", or a guy you will always find at the gym, giving 20-30 reps of the "105 K-G's (South-african man 2008).
"Man, he's such an ajder. Journey rock."
"That guy is an ajder. He's not someone you wanna get in a fight with. If you do, just ajder him cos he'll hunt you down in like 3 seconds and beat you."
"you're such an ajder. Stop going to the gym man."
by TheBrickWall March 5, 2008
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