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A fun, loud, funny, sexy, crazy and kind hearted person, who always has time for other people. She can always bring a smile to someones face. A determined person who never gives up and is always ready to have fun. She loves art, dance, photography and film making. Aiysha is always supporting towards people however she will fight for her friends and family. Her name is Arabic means 'Alive' and that's exactly what she is. always full of energy and pumping with excitement. Overall she's a very lovable person with an awesome personality that makes her who she is. Some people also say she is a Princess in practice for a queen. All she needs now is her prince.
Aiysha: Hey there ilovepizzabutiwon'touchpizzahutcuztheydon'tlikemesoheywhyshouldilikethemalsoilovemyfriendsandfamilydiyouknowthat?
person1: What did you just say?
person2:hey that's just Aiysha for you crazy funny and sexy.
Aiysha: Well it was nice seeing you bye.
person2: Also very kind.
by idon'tknowwhattodo January 08, 2014
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