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A common ploy used in the army to amuse the troops during inspection. The N.C.O will pick up a soldier's boots and ask him what he is doing with airborn boots. Confused, the young troop will stammer that they were issued to him/he does'nt know/he thought they were regular boots. The N.C.O will then show why they are airborn boots and proceed to throw them violently out the window/doorway/tentflap. While doing so, the N.C.O will say "See, they're fucking Air Born Boots, ya scroate!!!!
Hey, what are you doing with these fucken airborn boots, you fucken scroate?? Want to know why they're airborn boots???" **throws boots into the air** "Because they're fucking Air Born!!!"""
by ArmyDave October 01, 2006
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