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Ailiz is a beautiful person in and out. Loyal to her family and friends. Honesty is her greatest quality. She’s your hide or dye type of woman. Her family is everything to her. Sexy, caring, sweet, loving,passionate, peace maker, natural beauty, and God loving lady who loves to love. You can always depend and trust her. A woman of her word. If you hurt her she’ll forgive but when she’s done, she’s done. Don’t mistake her kindness for weakness. Ailiz is one of the strongest woman you’ll know. Always has a smile even if her world is falling apart. Fun to be around. A joker. Very kind hearted. A giver all the way. A flirt with her man. She always sees the good in everyone. Doesn’t hold a grudge. Willing to help others anytime without expecting anything in return. Her name means...With a fortunate life. Her Lucky number is 3.
by Ailiz May 19, 2018
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