Ahalsey (also known as Halsey) is a creature that dwells in the La Combe section of Institute Le Rosey, Switzerland. It occupies the position of the head of the maths dept. and the one who tortures the brains of the maths higher '2010 class. According to the information given be the other inhabitants of the La Combe, ahalsey has a range interesting hobbies, such as entering the girls' rooms, when doing the 'coucher' without knocking on the doors and looking how they change before bedtime and also setting work at his maths class, that requires such knowledge to solve, that none of the class can not do it, as the material, that gives the knowledge to solve it was actually never covered by the class. At the maths classes ahalsey, doesn’t explain anything, it just writes notes on the board, skipping multiple steps, as it says that this is the part it does mentally, but still expects the students to follow it and understand what it is talking about and stupidly smiles when someone asks him to explain a step in the calculations, saying that it’s OK. Ahalsey also likes to set questions, that he can't solve himself, but expects his math class to give in the answers…

You can recognise an ahalsey by seeing an extremely ugly creature, looking like a human, always smiling and laughing when a student requests something, that is related to the work or marks in the maths class, wearing stupid ties and shirts that are wet under its armpits...

For the time of winter, ahalseys do not hibernate, but they move to the winter habitat in Gstaad, a very beautiful and popular area, which doesn't make them less annoying or dangerous.

It is absolutely vital for one to avoid any of the opportunities of encountering an ahalsey, or their mental health, IB grade or even life could be at risk.

The word ahalsey can be replaced by and is a synonym of the highly informative and descriptive word crat.
-Have you done the Ahalsey/Halsey's homework?
by His Imperial Cratness February 5, 2009
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