Any personal action or expression that reveals, often in an unintentionally embarrassing and revelatory way, the emotional, intellectual or physical immaturity of said person.
The U.S. Baby Boomer population has, for most of it's existence on this continent, exhibited nothing but age inappropriate behavior.

Kelly Ripa dresses and acts like a 49 year old 17 year old. She is the very definition of age inappropriate. I think her daughter gave birth to her, actually. Probably in charge of her allowance, too.

Kevin James, Adam Sandler, et al have made whole careers out of age inappropriate behavior. Perhaps they simply can't do any better, boymen that they seem to be.

Forever 21 caters to nothing BUT aging former hotties who possess a deep seated fear of looking like Yasmin Bleeth in all her post - Baywatch glory. Forever 21 is an intentional age inappropriate merchant.

Calling older women cougars or older men leopards is simply excusing age inappropriate dating and sexual behavior. Grow up, why don'tcha !!!

Best age inappropriate line : if the girls you date get any younger, you'll soon be dating sperm.

75 year old man recently seen rocking out at a Katy Perry concert . And no, it wasn't Mick Jagger. Bet he has all her posters up on his wall, too, as well as ring tones, Facebook, Twitter, the works. Age - fucking - inappropriate !!!

Republican presidential nominees for 2016. Age Inappropriate, mostly. Where WERE all the adults ?
by Virgin Suicides April 20, 2017
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