An Agathe Bauer is a song line which you believe sounds like a phrase or name in another language, usually German.
I've got the power - Agathe Bauer

All the leaves are brown - Anneliese Braun

All my feeling grow - Oma fiel ins Klo
by IlPartigiano October 10, 2011
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Agathe is a very shy girl despite appearances. She doesn't like to go out much and doesn't have many friends. But that's fine with her because for her, her brothers and/or sisters are like her friends. She spends her time watching twitch streams and doesn't have much success with boys even though she wants to be in a relationship.

She likes to read a lot, this is probably one of her favorite pastimes. Agathe is a very empathetic and sentimental person, she likes to help others without expecting anything in return, she often gives good advice. The young Agathe is very creative and often turns to artistic or legal professions. She also has an incredible sense of fashion !!
"omg Agathe Rousselle is so creative !"

"btw Agathe why are you so quiet...?"

"I guess you still don't want to go out uh ?"
by ajukku56 November 20, 2021
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She is the cutest and beautiful girl you ever seen she don’t like be touched by someone she don’t close she can be shy but when you meet her she became the funniest girl you ever seen had Agathe in your life is like the best thing ever don’t be mean with her she can be the worst person you ever meet she very nice and can had every boy she want like she’s a godless
Random : Hi Agathe *hug*agathe : ew what you try to do
by November 22, 2021
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